Busy, busy, busy…

I have photographed many different subjects recently; such as care homes (for a new client), which was near Wigan. Emphasis was on architectural photography and the local environment. A great brochure was designed and produced for this project. I have photographed the annual TTA Awards which was a fabulous event and a pleasure to be involved with a second time. Other events have been held at The House of Lords and Universities which were also a fantastic success.

I have also been shooting a great deal of portraits recently for quite a number of clients for various marketing materials too which have all been photographed in very different styles; which is really great from an artistic point of view.

The Miss Fortunes was a great shoot too to be involved with. The shots are for the front cover and centre page spread for university magazine to be published soon. I was thrilled to hear it’ll be on their front cover!

_HIP9149 - Version 2 _HIP9162 - Version 3