New Clients

It has been quite a while since my last post!

I have been extremely busy having added a few new clients over the last year or so. In particular, Real Estate, an area of photography that I never thought of undertaking, as most Estate Agents do there own photography (and unfortunately to an appalling standard since the invention of digital capture)! However, I have been pleasantly surprised by an Estate Agent in Market Harborough who use professional photographers for the best quality images for marketing their properties. Now I thought that this maybe a little work every now and again, how wrong I was! This has turned out to be a very busy industry and extremely busy Estate Agent. I now shoot from ten to twenty five properties per month which is fantastic! I love shooting architecture so this is a dream job!

I have also achieved a further 3-4 year contract with The University of Wolverhampton to supply their photography for portraiture, prospectuses, events and graduation honoraries etc, which is now my third contract with them. We are delighted and proud to be their supplier. Thank you.

I have also gained a further two new clients who have booked me for a number nationwide projects in London, Loughborough, Coventry and Heywood. Product shots and staff portraiture on site in Nottingham have also been undertaken, which has been fantastic. Next project is in Glasgow soon!

Looking forward to this Thursday at The Skills Show (now my third project) for The TTA.

I’ll try to keep you posted a little more often!